How to Become a Master at Slots: 4 Key Tips

Anyone who has ever walked into a casino has probably played a slot machine at least once. They take up more real estate in Las Vegas than any table game simply due to the fact that they’re so popular and easy to jump into. You don’t have to have any experience or knowledge to play a slot machine; you just slide your dollar in, pull the lever and hope for the best. With that being said, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind in order to increase your chances of walking away with something when you play slots, but keep in mind- slots are a game of chance, and thanks to the house edge that’s prevalent in every casino game, you’re more likely to lose the longer that you play.

Tip #1- Ignore the Biggest Myth About Slots 

Basing your strategy around some of the common myths that you hear about slots can result in you losing much more money than you anticipated. The first common myth is that slots pay out based on some sort of schedule, i.e. a jackpot is given on every thousandth spin. This is undeniably false. Every spin on a slot machine is completely independent from every other spin, so you’re just as likely to win the jackpot on the second spin as you are on the 9,132nd spin.

Tip #2- Use a Player’s Card 

Every major casino has some sort of player’s card system, which is great because it gives you points that you can use for comps. If you’re going to be playing the slots for awhile, every spin is helping you add points to your card, and slot players are more handsomely rewarded than any other game. On average, you’ll still end up paying out more to the machine than you’re receiving in comps, but it’s  still nice to get rewarded for playing!

Tip #3- Slot Location is Important

I’m not talking about location within the casino. Some people believe that the slots next to the entrances and main walkways of the casino are more “loose” than those tucked away in the back of the casino in order to get players hooked. There is no statistical evidence that this is the case. I’m referring to where the casino that houses the slots is located. Take Las Vegas for instance- the casinos along the strip have machines that are a little tighter than those off the strip, because the off-strip casinos want to attract more players. The Las Vegas airport on the other hand is notorious for their tight slots- why? Because they have a captive audience.

Tip #4- Higher Denomination Slots Have Better Odds 

Penny slots are attractive for obvious reasons, but they tend to pay out less than quarter slots and even less than dollar slots. You also end up making more money on the higher denomination slots (though of course you’re more likely to lose more, too). So even if you’re betting on 25 lines at a penny slot, you may as well bet on one line at a quarter slot, because you’re more likely to walk away with more.

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